Origins and Inspirations

The Print Edition; fully bound familiar, traditional paper magazine format.

The CD version comes to you in its own protective case and is in a printable secured pdf format.

You're going to love this issue no matter what format you chose! Over 20 articles plus more, more, more! SPECIAL FEATURE TRIBUTE TO JEAN MILL and the EARLY BEGINNINGS OF THE BENGAL BREED! READ LITTLE KNOWN HISTORY IN THIS ISSUE!!

... these are only a few of the articles highlighted in this spectacular issue!

  • 20+ Articles!
    • Packed full of photographs and more!
  • The Snow Bengal
  • Identifying a Silver Snow
  • Simple Inheritance
  • Feline Structure; What's Normal? What's Abnormal?
  • Kidney Failure in the feline
  • An Interview with breed originator, Jean Mill. Read it here first!
  • Bengal Cat Origins
  • HCM; Dr. Kittleson's Definitive answers! Exclusive interview!
  • FIP Free Bengals - exclusive from Dr. Addie
  • Making Stud Pants (complete with pattern and supplies list)
  • Making a cat enclosure - Plans and supplies list

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