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14KaratBengal – Certified Reputable Breeder

14KaratBengal – Certified Reputable Breeder


14karatBengal is a certified Reputable Breeder, specializing in Healthy, Gorgeous, Top Quality Bengal Kittens w/ Exuberantly Loving “Velcro-Kitty” Temperaments, Exceptionally Contrasted Rosetted Coats with Rich Golden/Red Coloration, Beautiful Faces with Big Eyes & Sweet Expressions & Lovely Type. My Cats & Kittens receive the Absolute Highest Level of Socialization, Training, Love & Care – I spend countless hours every day to ensure the most social, people-oriented & well mannered kittens & cats. Be sure to read the Testimonials from “actual adopters” for 14Karat Bengal at the bottom of this page! 14Karat Bengal is a small, very structured, in-home cattery – Each & every one of my cats & kittens live inside of my home & is a beloved, “well trained/well handled” member of my family. I also have a very strict approval process & I am extremely careful about the homes I select for each of my cats & kittens.

When contacting me please be sure to share about yourself in your initial email.

Please feel free to contact us using the contact form to the right.


46 Responses to “14KaratBengal – Certified Reputable Breeder”

  1. I got my baby from Tiffanie! He is a blessing. I don’t know what I would do without him!! He is sooo soft and his coloring is amazing! Everyone who sees him knows right away that he is not your average cat. :) 14ktbengals deserves all the recognition in the world. My cat is incredible!! Five star recommendation!!!!!

  2. 14KaratBengal kittens are amazing. I was “Elated” when Tiffanie contacted me to let me know my boy was one of the kittens chosen by Bengal Illustrated in an ad for new kittens. I had talked to Tiffanie for a good two years before I found my boy. She gets to know her potential owners so she can perfectly match her treasures with the adoptive family. She knew the look I wanted and sent photos of a baby she was not yet sure if she was going to keep for herself. BINGO. That was him. I was overjoyed when she decided she would let him go. It was a very tough decision for her. When I picked him up from the airport, there was no crying, hissing, shaking, or fear in his eyes. I took him out of the crate as soon as we got into the car, and he cuddled up and laid in my lap as if he had done so many times before. On that ride home, we stopped at a pet store to get him some supplies. He never tried to jump out of my arms. He was not frightened by the new experience and remained calm. Then my friend walked around with him, while I was shopping. She transferred him to her young daughter and he was just as good as ever. Once I got him home, he didn’t hide under a bed, nor was he frightened in any way. After the separation period was over from the other animals, a very large Maine Coon and a French Bulldog, he was not even cautious around them. As a matter of fact, the Maine Coon ditched the dog and now he and Khavi are inseparable. Oh, did I mention that 14Karat Bengal babies travel well in the car on long trips. Yep! Shortly after he arrived, we took an eight hour car ride, not only was he calm, but once we got there I was preparing to take a shower, Khavi beat me to it and walked right into the running shower. He decided he was going to have a shower. Outstanding socialization. Outstanding temperament. True to their breed standard, each baby comes with Tiffanie’s unconditional love as part of their DNA. Tiffanie is, and always will be, the original Mommy of every baby that comes out of her cattery. I am honored that she trusted me enough to allow a baby that she really wanted for herself to come to my home.

  3. Elizabeth Westerhaus on April 9, 2013 @ 5:17 pm

    If you have been researching breeders, you can stop looking! Tiffanie with 14KaratBengal is THE best breeder of Bengal babies out there! She loves each and every one of her babies and raises them to have wonderful temperaments and socialization. She gets to know her customers and does such an amazing job matching babies with owners. She also keeps in touch with you and inquires about her kitties, a testament to her true passion and love for what she does. My Giselle is EXACTLY what I wanted. She has GORGEOUS coloring and rosettes, and she is a velcro kitty that loves being around people. She is the first one to greet people at the door! She also has a very playful side, even as she approaches her 3rd birthday. She can still chase a laser and do flips off the wall for hours on end. I think jujuz321 put it WAY better than I did, but I definitely recommend 14KaratBengal!

  4. Bev Kostreva on April 13, 2013 @ 10:24 am

    I also bought our beautiful little Bella from 14KaratBengal and she is our pride and joy. Tiffanie is the greatest person! Highly recommend her. Her cats are so gentle, glittered and gorgeous!

  5. Aleesia Gonzalez on April 14, 2013 @ 12:43 pm

    My baby Giani is from 14karatBengal. I don’t think there is a better breeder. What wonderful and amazing Bengals she breeds. Giani is the most lovable companion I could ever ask for. I would recommend Tiffanie to everyone. Her motto is quality over quantity, and boy is that true! I have gotten so many comments on Giani, saying how perfect his markings and looks are! Also, Tiffanie stayed up emailing me all night, because I was so afraid of my baby flying all the way from Arizona to Massachusetts from TWO planes! I absolutely adore Tiffanie. She does extraordinary work with her Bengal cats. :)

  6. Rhonda Holloway on April 15, 2013 @ 11:51 am

    I too have 3 Bengal babies from Tiffanie. She is the best breeder. Our babies are well socialized. HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!

  7. Candy Stevens on April 15, 2013 @ 6:20 pm

    I have had Kai (originally Sanjay) from 14 Karat Bengals for five weeks. He is absolutely the best kitten I have had. He is super friendly, confident and beautiful. Everyone who has met Kai falls in love with his beautiful looks and personality. I highly recommend contacting Tiffanie. I have owned two other Bengals and they are the best cats. I lost my male to cancer and he was my Velcro kitty. Kai has filled that void. I can say that in 14 years of Bengal cat owning, Tiffanie has produced the best that I have seen. I spent nine months watching her website and e-mailing her to make contact. I was very impressed with her attention to matching cats to owners. She spends an enormous amount of time socializing them and it definitely makes the difference. She is an amazing person and it shows in her attention to the health and well being of her cats. Recommend her highly … Warning … You will want more than one!

  8. Vera Miranda Russo on April 17, 2013 @ 10:04 am

    We have a Bengal kitty from Tifffanie as well! She is indeed the best and has continued to keep communication open. We love our little boy SIMBA. He is so smart and loving! He is playful and so gorgeous! This is a first for us having a cat. We have always been dog people. So happy we found Tiffanie and so happy we have SIMBA!

  9. We received a Bengal kitten from 14ktBengal and we could not be happier. It took us a long time to decide on the right little boy. I thought Tiffanie would think we were the most annoying people out there. But she was patient with us and did not want us to get a kitten that we were not totally happy with. Raja is the most loving boy! He loves to run on his wheel and to get in the shower. We cannot believe that he likes water as much as he does. He has the sweetest temperament and is always happy to be part of the family. He has the cutest personality. He loves to run up, when you are not expecting it, jump up and smack you in the back, then he runs away so that you will chase him. He has the softest, sweetest meow in the world! He meows to get your attention, turns his head to the side and yawns so big you think he is going to fall right over.

    Tiffanie does a great job raising kittens so they are very well-socialized and love being around people. We’ve had Raja for 2 years and were lucky enough to get him from her. You can’t go wrong with her kittens. They truly are the best!

  10. DJ From NJ on May 4, 2013 @ 9:21 am

    We adopted our Bengal from 14KtBengal. There were many Bengal breeders between New Jersey and Arizona that we spoke to and even visited. But dealing with Tiffanie from the very beginning made our decision easy. She cares for her babies so much. She kept in touch with us for the entire process sending pictures and updates. It was a very exciting process for the entire family. When he arrived in NJ from Arizona, He was a very happy playful baby from the first minute we saw him. He’s gentle, healthy and obviously a beautiful Bengal. The advise Tiffanie has given us on how to introduce him to the family and our other pets was right on the money. I would not even think of going anywhere else but to 14Kt. for a Bengal.

  11. Melissa Crytzer Fry on May 7, 2013 @ 5:44 pm

    We have two 14kt Bengals, brother Macho and sister Niña – the apples of our eyes. I was elated to find an Arizona breeder — but not just ANY breeder (we passed on quite a few in the state). Tiffanie is THE most conscientious, loving breeder there is, taking the time to socialize her kittens before they come to your home. She takes them for car rides and has her family hold and pet them to get them used to human interaction… These cats aren’t a “job” to her; they truly are her life. They also were litter-box ready when we brought them home, AND knew what to scratch and NOT to scratch.

    Their beauty obviously cannot be overlooked; our friends (dog people) have said, “Those are some good-looking cats … the prettiest we’ve ever seen.” And yes, our visitors/friends know that our cats are far from average. They comment on their exotic gait, their wild faces and eyes, and their “wild” habits (covering their food, loving water).

    From their rosettes to their silky coats and exuberant personalities – they are just THE best. Niña is my velcro kitty (must be near me at all times), and Macho, though a bit more independent, goes gaga for ‘face kisses.’ I wouldn’t consider any other breeder. Tiffianie also keeps in touch; her love for all of her babies is second to none.

  12. From the moment we contacted Tiffanie, inquiring about her cats, she has been fantatstic! We were in discussion almost weekly via email, learning more about the Bengal breed, how she runs things (a tight, clean ship!), and what she looks for in a customer/adoptive family. It is very clear her top priority is her kittens…raising them to be lap cats, able to handle baths and nail trims, choosing the best food for them, among many other wonderful ways she works with and looks after each kitten before placing it.
    Our kitten, Nahla, came to us on Mother’s Day, at around 16 weeks old. She is beautiful. Shimmery, soft, healthy coat..beautiful rosettes and perfectly patterned. She has big, exotic clear green eyes, and arrived with nails trimmed, spayed, and litter box trained.There was little work for us to do, but to begin to love on her! We were a bit nervous at first, as we have five children ages 7 to 15. We were cautious to avoid overwhelming the kitten, but she adapted almost immediately…playing and purring within the first few moments! Having owned many cats in my life, I am amazed at this kitten’s temperament from day one! I cannot stress how awesome it is to have a kitten, who is just as content to sit in your arms as it is to play!
    I am more than happy with our choice of adopting Nahla from 14Karat Bengal and would highly recommend 14Karat Bengal! Nahla is a joy to have in our home!

  13. Just picked up 2 Bengals from Tiffanie & I absolutely LOVE her babies. We got a brother & sister, which we named Nala & Ozzy. They have the best temperaments – you can definitely tell that Tiffanie spends so much time with her babies. We live in California & drove to Arizona to pick them up. We were DREADING the 7 hour ride home based on our experience with our other Bengal, Marley, that we got from a different breeder. How pleasantly surprised were we when we got on the freeway & did not hear one peep from either of the kittens the entire ride home. They are the best passengers we’ve ever ridden with!! I have a special needs daughter that is 13. She talks louder than other kids & isn’t as gentle (not because she’s mean, but because she is unsteady). Most cats are scared of her but not these babies! They LOVE Kiana & let her hold them. They are calm and sit nicely on her lap until she is ready to put them down. I cannot speak highly enough about their wonderful personalities. Another HUGE positive note about Tiffanie’s Bengals – they sit in your lap LET you trim their toenails & clean their ears!! The stress we are under every 2 weeks with Marley, who was not taught to have her nails done at her breeders home, is an event we never look forward to. If you are thinking about getting a Bengal – 14karat Bengals is 100% for sure the place to find your next family member!! :-)

  14. It has been a couple of months since I have had the honor of Promise(Siobhan)living with me. What a blessing! This is my first experience with a Bengal and has definitely been a great one. After reading about other Bengal owners’ experiences from other breeders, I am so fortunate that my Bengal search came upon 14karat Bengals cattery and Tiffanie. She has done an amazing job loving and socializing her kittens. Promise quickly would let me hold her and loved to sit on my shoulder or lap within a few days of when I got her. Who said Bengals cant be lap cats? !! Promise loves to sit or lay on top of me so she can observe what I am doing. At the same time, she is very active,curious and loves to explore. One of my concerns before getting a Bengal, was, would they keep me up or wake up early in the morning and I am happy to report, Promise is so well trained that I’m usually up before her in the morning and if she happens to be up, she is usually quietly playing or enjoying looking out the window, etc. The best part about having Promise is Tiffanie’s availability to answer any questions or concerns. I love updating Tiffanie as well, and can see how much she loves what she does and really cares for her Bengals. I know that Tiffanie puts her heart, love and soul into these beautiful creatures so that their future owners can enjoy wonderful lifetime companions. I have been recommending everyone that sees Promise and interested in Bengals to get one from Tiffanie and direct them to her website. It is such a joy to have Promise as part of the family. Thank you 14karat Bengal and TIffanie for all that you do for these wonderful creatures!

  15. L. Patterson on June 23, 2013 @ 8:19 pm

    We adopted our little angel “Sophie” from 14KtBengal. There were many Bengal breeders that we spoke to, but it was Tiffanie who was so helpful and provided so much wonderful information to help us make just the right decision. She emailed us pictures and updates regularly.
    Tiffanie runs a tight ship. She is exceedingly careful with her cats and what she looks for in a customer/adoptive family. It is very clear her top priority is her kittens…raising them to be lap kitties, able to handle baths and nail trimming. All of these things are done before placing a kitten. She even takes time to socialize her kittens before they come to your home. She takes them for car rides and they visit with her family, who hold and pet them to get them used to human interaction. Sophie was a very happy playful baby from the moment I picked her up.
    She is beautiful. Her coat is soft and has a beautiful healthy sheen. She has wonderful big, exotic eyes, and arrived with nails trimmed, spayed, and litter box trained. Sophie is a joy to have in our home!

  16. Tiffanie is the best! I am so happy that I found her. The way she cares for her Bengals is amazing. She is so very knowledgeable and helpful. There is no question, that if you were to get a Bengal from her you would be getting both… the best quality and socialized kitten possible. You can tell by writing to her the depth of the love she has for these kittens. She is in love with the Bengal breed. The reason her kittens are superior is no accident. Tiffanie’s time, love and devotion is the reason for such sweet babies! Best Bengal Breeder!

  17. Kevin & Lisa Hebestreit on July 4, 2013 @ 10:54 am

    That is quite a testament to your breeding.

  18. Kay Hansen on July 9, 2013 @ 8:21 am

    Once we made the decision to purchase a Bengal cat, the next decision was to choose the right breeder. We did not want our cat to come from a “Cat Mill.” The first breeder we looked at was “14Karat-Bengals.” I continued to research, but kept going back to 14karat-Bengals. From our first contact with Tiffanie we were very impressed; very patient to answer all our questions (and we had a lot), very prompt in her responses and very clear and precise in her information. I also liked that she has a portfolio of previous SATISFIED cat owners. We adopted TUCKER, a Cashmere male, in July 2011. We drove to Arizona and met Tiffanie at her home. We had the pleasure of seeing her cattery and how she doesn’t just breed cats, she loves and cares for them as if they will be her own family pets. Not having a cat before, we were not sure what to expect during the drive back to Colorado, but Tucker cuddled into our arms and slept the whole way back. Once home we introduced him to his sister, Lexie (our dog). From day one TUCKER and Lexie have been best friends. TUCKER gives Lexie a bath every morning with his tongue. Lexie is so used to her baths that if TUCKER doesn’t do it, she paws at him to get him started. We take TUCKER everywhere with us, even camping. He found his spot in the console of the truck and as soon as we hit the road he settles in and doesn’t move ’til we get to our destination. Tiffanie does a wonderful job preparing these babies so that when they get to their new homes they are easily transitioned without any stress. Tiffanie and TUCKER are part of our family and we feel blessed to have met her and have one of her beautiful cats. I know I can always reach out to Tiffanie and she is there. She truly cares about her cats and the families they are placed with. She even remembers TUCKER’S birthday every year. Who does that??? TIFFANIE DOES – 14KARAT-BENGALS!!!

  19. Tiffanie Martz raises some of the most high quality Bengal Cats that I have ever encountered. She runs a tip top cattery from her home in AZ that is SPOTLESS. She takes super care of the kittens; raising them to be super comfortable with being handled. I love my Bengal and he’s the most wonderful cat that I have ever owned. I highly recommend 14Karat Bengals.

  20. Rachel and Jason on July 19, 2013 @ 7:40 am

    We started searching for a Bengal cat almost a year before we finally found Tiffanie at 14KaratBengals. I had talked to breeders local to me in Utah and was always hesitant. Either it was a cattery that also bred and sold other animals, beside Bengals, or their cats just didn’t have quite the right look. When I found 14KaratBengals I was so happy, not only was every single cat that was pictured beautiful and perfect, but Tiffanie genuinely seemed to care about each and every cat. Even pricing was more comfortably in the range I wanted to pay compared to some other breeders that I had looked in to. We picked a little boy and anxiously awaited his arrival. As it turns out our little Neo is not only the best Bengal I have ever met, but he is far and away the best cat that I have ever owned. He is unbelievably loving, active, affectionate and playful. He walks on a leash well, he loves to shower with people, sleeps cuddled up to you at night even lays out under the covers right next to you! I wouldn’t get another Bengal from anyone but Tiffanie!

  21. Hello Cat Lovers!! For months I have wanted to leave something amazing to say on here about Tiffany and 14KaratBengals and I just can’t put into words how impressed I am with Tiffany as a person and breeder of some of the most beautiful Bengals ever.. A lot of you have taken the words right out of my mouth.. ha ha .. Like most here, I feel we all are some very well picked parents to adopt the babies that Tiffany has produced from her loving home.
    When I Lost my baby Tiger (orange tabby) I decided that the next feline I got would have to be extraordinary and unique. I looked into different breeds and so on….So when I was ready, after a couple years and after some careful planning, I started looking online for available Bengals and found 14karatbengal.com. I absolutely loved not only the beautiful cats, but how informative Tiffany was and you could feel she put her whole heart into her cattery! After exchanging emails she said her retired female was going to be available to a very carefully selected home, showed me links to pics and that was the beginning of my very extensive interviewing process to adopt my girl “Xzotic’s Total Knockout” (Total for short) It was love at first sight.
    My boyfriend and I drove down and picked up Total right before her 3rd birthday in November 2012. Total is now very bonded with me, hanging out with me wherever I go.. when I work in my office she has her spot by the window and can spend hours just hanging out… we have our routines of playing everyday, She loves to run and stalk her toys…and whenever there is a bathroom near that I pass she is jumping in the bathtub telling me to turn on the water.. she Loves free running water to drink.. its one of the many cute things she does! She scoops her food out of the bowl to eat all the time, paws at her water before drinking it, takes her toys and drops them in her water bowl and then starts drinking the water..She is just so cool with such a special personality and I can totally understand why Tiffany carefully took her time deciding who would be the best fit for Total! We just recently moved after having Total for 6 months.. I was worried we would have to slowly introduce her to the new and much bigger home, but after a day of investigating she acted as if she had always been there. Now I am getting ready to adopt Lakoda from Tiffany and can’t wait to have our new family member. I know you have to be patient when introducing them to the new home and now even more so with another feline friend, but I Look forward to the unique personality of Lakoda and adding her to our very special family!!!

  22. I admired the pictures on the 14 Karat Bengal site for years during the time I lived in the AZ area, occasionally asking questions and asking after new litters. The timing finally seemed right to adopt a new baby. Tiffanie sent me pictures and told me about a shy little F5 named Aaliyah. Unfortunately, I’d relocated to the Pacific Northwest by then and the airplane ride would have been way too much for her. Not only did she handle the 24 hour drive all the way back north from the desert with strangers, but she was out of her safe room and taking over the living room by day seven. I’m so glad I made that trip. Not only is she terrific company, but she’s a great conversationalist and knows everything there is to know about crinkle toys and paper balls. I don’t really need to mention it, but she’s also incredibly sweet, beautiful and soft as silk. If you are new to Bengals or even to kitties in general, Tiffanie will guide you through the entire process of adopting, traveling, feeding, grooming, vaccinating and training. She knows her babies and she can make a terrific pick if you’re wiling to share a little about yourself.

  23. I too just recently adopted a shy little F5 boy from Tiffanie. She told me that he was very cautious, but she worked extra hard with him so he would be loving and trusting. She kept me updated on his progress via email and photos. He only cried for a few minutes at the start of our 4-hour drive home. In “his room” he jumped into my lap on his 3rd day home. I held him and loved him, and he fell asleep in my arms. Several days later I was at my computer in “his room,” and he jumped into my lap about a dozen times. He would sit in my lap and stare at me as if making sure I was still there, then jump down and play with his toys. The next afternoon I trimmed his toe nails. He laid on his back in my lap and PURRED while I was clipping claws. What a little love. He is so trusting. Such a sweet little face but with the “wild” Bengal look. Did I mention his beautiful rosettes and how heavily glittered he is? The first day he had the run of the house, he and my buff tabby, Dusty, were playing tag and grooming each other. When he is all tred out from play I pick him up, and he naps in my arms. Tiffanie puts her heart and soul into her babies, and the end result is a happy, trusting, well-adjusted kitten. I highly recommend Tiffanie’s 14Karat Bengal babies. A big thumbs up!!!

  24. I love, love my Bengal kitten, Rufus, who is now about 16 weeks old. Tiffanie did a wonderful job of raising him until he was 12 weeks old. He has been an absolute joy since he has been in my household. Rufus is a very intelligent and confident kitten, who is now anxious to join his brother and sister cats and dogs. He loves playing with my iPad and using his paws to change the pictures on the screen. He also seems interested in figuring out where the sound is coming from – just so smart. I have cement floors, and his favorite activity is running hard for a couple of yards, putting on the brakes, and sliding across the rest of the room. I cannot imagine a better kitten or a better breeder than Tiffanie.

  25. The newest member of our family is our adorable Leo. He is the best! He is so loving and sweet! We couldn’t be happier. Tiffanie is very strict about who gets her babies…but it really prepared us to be good owners too. She makes sure you get the best food, toys and all the info about vaccines and care for your new kitten. Leo sleeps next to us at night and follows us everywhere. He purrs like crazy. Our vet was very impressed with how calm and gentle Leo was at his first appt. My 9 year old daughter just loves him so much!! Tiffanie is always available to answer any questions before and after you bring home your kitten. If you want a true companion cat…Bengals are wonderful. They bond so strongly with their families…it is really neat!

  26. Barbara Krambule on December 28, 2013 @ 1:10 pm

    I thought long and hard about getting new kitties and when I decided it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Lucky for me that I found 14karat Bengals and Tiffanie. She is absolutely the best breeder out there. My kitties came to me with the cutest little personalities and socialized beyond my dreams. Scout and Boo are seven months old and the happiest kitties in the world. They are both very large for their age, Scout is 11.7 lbs and Boo is 9.7. I was a little worried that my granddaughters would scare them but they love chasing both granddaughters around the house. Tiffanie has been very patient with me and my millions of questions. She answers each and every one I ask in just a day or two. If you are considering a Bengal look no further than 14karatbengals. Tiffanie is the kindest, most considerate person out there. She knows everything there is to know about Bengals.

  27. We can’t speak highly enough of Tiffanie and her kittens! Anyone can find a beautiful looking Bengal kitten, but you’d be hard pressed to find a more honest, talented breeder with the healthiest, easiest going Bengal kittens. Our little boy, Wisco, lets us hold him, clip his nails, play with his paws, ears, and eyes. What’s more amazing is when the lights go out at night we never hear even a peep out of him! Nothing, He’s as quiet as the proverbial mouse! He’s also the softest little Bengal boy we’ve ever felt and his rosettes and deep, true coloring is simply amazing! I wish we could post a picture here to show just how beautiful Wisco really is. Tiffanie has gone above and beyond responding to our questions and following up with Wisco’s progress. Tiffanie, you’re an absolute delight and we can’t thank you enough for for all the love you gave Wisco and all the help you’ve given us! – Nathan and Jeanna

  28. Tiffanie is an OUTSTANDING breeder. I’ve not met anyone so sweet or caring, who loves what she does, and loves her babies so much! We purchased a Bengal from a different breeder a couple years prior, but she passed from FELV. Because of this we were really skeptical about buying another Bengal. But, when I met Tiffanie and started speaking with her, I knew she would be the one I got my Bengal from. I am so happy I did. Our Bengal kitty, Leonidas, is absolutely STUNNING!!! Has such a great personality, is so well behaved, and so incredibly healthy. When we got Leonidas his claws were freshly cut and his ears were cleaned and spotless! Tiffanie cares so much about her kittens/cats and also the people she is giving the kitten to. She and I still talk with each other, which is so nice. I’m so blessed to have another great friend. :) I highly recommend Tiffanie if you want to get a Bengal cat. She is by far the best breeder IN THE WORLD, and has the most beautiful Bengal cats I’ve ever seen! Thank you so much Tiffanie for the little blessing you’ve given us. We will definitely talk with you again on another Bengal if we ever want to give Leonidas playmate. You have been a huge blessing and I’m so thankful to have another wonderful friend in our lives. God bless! :)

  29. I did a great deal of research when I decided to get a Bengal kitty, and I’m so glad I found Tiffanie at 14Karat Bengal! She is a wonderful person and does an amazing job with her cats. She takes great care to do nothing but the best for each of her kittens. We adopted our baby Ra from Tiffanie a little while ago, and he has been such a marvelous companion. I have had cats all of my life, and Ra is by far the most loving and affectionate kitty I’ve ever met! He loves his humans and wants nothing more than to be doing what we’re doing all the time. When I work, he sits in my lap until it’s time to play. When we want to play, he’s MORE than excited to join in, and when we want to sleep he’s the best cuddle kitty there is! He’s also fearless…loud noises, strange objects, and new people are only matters of great curiosity for him. He truly has an exceptional personality and keeps us entertained all day, every day. Ra gets so many compliments from people who meet him, he is such a beautiful kitty! He has the cutest face with big, stunning eyes, and his coat is SO soft and silky with awesome markings. Our little Bengal kitten is a true testament to Tiffanie’s love and outstanding ability in bringing up her kitties. We are so grateful for all she has done to make Ra the healthy, brilliantly adjusted, well-behaved, and loving kitten he is!

  30. If you want a Bengal Kitty to love and live with, Tiffanie is the best there is. I did much research before picking out a breeder. Tiffanie simply is the one and only person that I would go back to to have another Bengal in my family. Tiffanie’s passion is her kitties and cats, and it shows in her attention to the welfare of her felines, as well as the love that she gives them. I drove all the way from Los Angeles to adopt my kitty Tuck, would do it again in a heartbeat. Tuck was great the whole way home except for a couple meows. Although it took some adjusting for Tuck (just as all cats do when in a totally new environment and away from their mom, dad, sisters, and brother), after 2 weeks or so he was sleeping in bed with me and totally opened up. Can’t say enough about Tuck (now Buddy), he is my true bud.

  31. Maribel Hall on May 6, 2014 @ 9:27 pm

    I can’t say enough about my two beautiful babies that I got from Tiffanie. I had just moved to El Paso and was really struggling with the whole move. Being in a new place with no one I knew other than my husband was a struggle. I contacted Tiffanie on my interest of buying one of her precious babies, and she is absolutely the best breeder I ever meet. She knows her babies very well, and provides the best interaction for her babies. I love that. I know I can always contact her with any questions I have about my babies. My husband bought me one for Christmas, and he fell in love with my baby so we got him one for valentine’s. :) Now we have two precious babies, Jaxx and Opie. Tiffanie is absolutely great and has become a really good friend to me. :)

  32. Art - Happy Cat Owner! on June 5, 2014 @ 1:45 pm

    We have a beautiful 14k Bengal female. She has been with us for 3.5 years and she positively changed our family dynamic. Our cat, KoKori or “Kori” has been such a wonderful addition to our home. My wife, a sworn dog lover, has now become…at least…a Bengal Cat lover too : )

    We brought Kori home as a kitten and at just about the same time, we brought home a puppy too. They are best friends now. The dog is the same age and has calmed down a bit but Kori is still “fun crazy” with her tailed poofed out which let’s us know it’s game time. One minute the dog is chasing the cat and then next, the dog is in front running down the hall with the cat close behind. Kori has a special “meow” just to call the dog to play. Very fun!

    Kori has a surprising social personality which reflects well on Tiffanie’s care and outlook on what a pet cat should be. Whenever, we are getting ready for a trip, Kori knows it and protests by coming and sitting on the unpacked bags. When we leave, she’s so sad she sits with her back to us. Once we return, she follows around and around meowing at the top of her lungs. She is a vocal cat!!

    She is fascinated by the odd and often discarded items; bottle caps, paper, but her favorite is a plastic spoon. She will bat it around the floors and then carry it in her mouth growling and purring at the same time.

    She is an amazing addition to our home. We couldn’t imagine not having her around with that tail poofed out while running through the house chasing a piece of trash or the dog. Very Very fun!!

    Thank you Tiffanie for doing such a wonderful job breeding and socializing our KoKori.

  33. Marcia Nixon on August 3, 2014 @ 10:58 am

    I contacted Tiffanie after visiting the 14 Karat Bengal website and being very impressed with all of the information and the obvious knowledge and true love of the breed. I have owned Bengals for over a decade and recently in a tragic occurrence my absolute favorite “soul mate” bengal boy was killed by a dog. I was devastated as my boy Geode was so special. He was strong, confident, loving, and always came running when I called. He was also exceptionally beautiful with a coat that was like mink. I never thought I would find another bengal cat with his beauty let alone his amazing temperament. Then I visited the 14 Karat Bengal website, and I allowed my hopes to rise. The entire ethic of the website, the testimonials by customers and the beauty of the cats made me reach out to Tiffanie with my story. After many email conversations Tiffanie sent me a picture of a little boy “Oakley” that she thought might be a potential match. It was love at first sight of his picture and I knew he was the one. From the moment Oakley came home with me he has been exactly as promised. He is so beautiful, playful, loving, and I know we are already bonded for life. Thank you Tiffanie for allowing me to adopt one of you amazing bengals!

  34. Alexandra B. on October 4, 2014 @ 8:16 am

    Tiffanie raises THE BEST bengal kitties. We are a large family with small children but Picasso (our first kitten that we just got) is already very relaxed around us. He is soooo extremely gentle, kind and is always looking to please. We are so happy with him. Tiffanie is a great breeder! She produces the healthiest, happiest and most stunningly beautiful kittens. Picasso’s coat is so soft and smooth and his rosettes are gorgeous. WE LOVE HIM! Thank you Tiffanie!!!

  35. Jim And Ann P. on November 19, 2014 @ 11:28 am

    After several weeks of corresponding with Tiffanie, who showed extreme patience with us, we were overjoyed when Tiffanie asked us “When do you want to pick up your baby?” Embers is a very special, wonderful, gentle, sweet and beautiful young lady, who at two years old is still a kitten at heart and this is due to Tiffanie’s loving and caring nurturing of her. We fell in love with Embers’ pictures, especially those beautiful big green eyes and that sweet face but when we saw her in person on the day we adopted her, she was even more beautiful. She has the face of an angel and she is but as you watch her zip around the house you know she is a kitten at heart but when play time is over our pets met with the loudest purr you can imagine! Nothing is more fun then to watch her play the role of a huntress as she stocks around her home, but she always stops to make sure that her “staff and her adoring audience (the two of us)” is near by to meet her every need, especially those pets! We know how hard it was for Tiffanie to allow us to adopt Embers because of the special bond they shared and we will be forever grateful to her for allowing Embers into our lives. Tiffanie is a wonderful sweet and loving person and she instills this into all of her kittens. She is extremely cautious in choosing adoptive parents for her babies and provides all prospective parents with a wealth of information and she is always willing to answer any and all of your questions. We can’t say enough about Tiffanie and feel that she, as well as Embers, is a part of our family. If anyone is considering adopting a Bengal to become a part of their family, as far as we are concerned, Tiffanie and 14 Karat Bengal is the only Cattery to consider.
    Thank you Tiffanie and may God Bless you and your babies:)
    Jim and Ann

  36. 14 Karat Bengal is more than just a cattery. As someone who has used another cat breeder, I believe Tiffanie is one of a kind. She cares for her kittens as if she is keeping them as her own. The amount of attention and time she provides kittens as well as the potential owners illustrates her dedication to breeding Bengals. Her adoptive process is thorough and extensive, but it just proves that money isn’t everything. She wants to make sure her babies are going to families that share in the similar values of cat care. Also, these cats are so playful and need a good amount of play time so that they don’t become bored. Through her process you will become more knowledgeable about cat care, which I really appreciated. Our kitty baby (Loki) is so playful and sweet. His markings are so beautiful. The beautiful rosettes and stripes make him look so exotic. His spots on his belly and gold paws make him so exquisite. Now, no picture will capture the glitter that he has in his coat. His coat is nothing like I have ever felt. His hair is so silky and soft. His paws have the bigger knuckles that look very wild, like a tiger. Again, our Loki is so sweet and loving for only having him a few months. He sleeps in bed at our heads and purrs to wake us up in the morning. All he wants to do is be around us. Tiffanie’s dedication to her cats shows in his personality. Our kitty came to us able to ride in a car and get his nails clipped. The nail clipping is major because of our personal belief in the cruelty of declawing.
    We can’t say enough on how special our kitty is to us and how thankful we are to Tiffanie for choosing us to have one of her babies. He is truly a special kitty. If we were to ever get another Bengal we would choose 14 Karat Bengal!

  37. Got my handsome little man, Raja, from Tiffanie just over a month ago. He is an amazing cat!! Tiffanie did a fantastic job of getting him ready for his new home with me and was a wonderful person to work with. I am so happy she picked me to have Raja. :)

  38. I received our baby girl Evangeline 2 years ago from Tiffany. I love how much she loves her kitties. We have been extremely happy with our beautiful girl. This last summer we took in a 5 week old chihuahua. The puppy was way to young to be away from its mommy and we had to bottle feed it. At first I was nervous that Evangeline might thing it was a rat because the puppy was only 5 inches long, but instantly Evangeline adopted her she would cuddle the puppy and groom it and she treats it like her kitten. She is very protective of the puppy and even now she holds the puppy down for its daily bath. I have never had a dog so clean all the time. she is so patient with the dog and the play and wrestle and they are best friends. our bangle baby is an amazing girl and we are so happy we have her. I have seen other bangle breeders in my area and they are no where near as beautiful as Tiffany she has bred quality kitties and I fully trust Tiffany. I recommend her to anyone who wants a bangle.

  39. I highly recommend 14Karat Bengal. Tiffanie is not only an exceptional breeder but also a sincere person. She is very passionate about her cats, and she will continue to care about their well-being after they have gone to their new homes. I adopted Autumn from Tiffanie this past December. Autumn is a gorgeous tri-colored marble with beautiful markings. She is also a very affectionate kitten and always enjoys being involved with everyone in the home. Autumn plays with my golden retriever Duma, follows me around to investigate what I’m up to, and snuggles up by my side every night. She received excellent socialization while at 14Karat Bengal. Tiffanie raises her kittens with a tremendous amount of love and care, and it shows in the deep connection that Autumn has formed with me. Tiffanie also always goes the extra mile and provides me with tips and advice whenever I have questions about raising Autumn. Tiffanie has become a great friend. If I ever need to find a feline companion for Autumn, I would undoubtedly go back to 14Karat Bengal. Thank you so much Tiffanie! :)

  40. Today is Akila’s first birthday, and we have been so blessed to have her in our lives. When she first came home to us, she was very cautious, and prowled the house like a quiet baby leopard. It wasn’t long, however, until she became familiar with her new surroundings and began reciprocating the love we had for her. She still likes to pretend she’s a wild jungle kitty sometimes, but usually, she’s just eager to play. She loves toys, chasing toy mice, and especially the track-ball sets we’ve found for her. She always follows us wherever we go throughout the house, racing us up and down the stairs, and never forgetting to give us a look of primal pride when she beats us (which she almost always does). She’s always a sweet little princess with Ryan (she even watches football and basketball games on TV with him, tracking the ball perfectly), but more than anything, she loves to be tickled by Amy. When Akila feels like she’s lost a tickle-match, she’ll pace quietly around the room and then playfully pounce into Amy’s lap or onto her back, just to remind both of us that even though we’re bigger, Akila’s still the boss.

    There is no doubt, though, that the sweetest thing about Akila comes when it is time for bed. She will perch on the counter as we brush our teeth and look at us and blink with her brilliant emerald eyes. When we get under the covers, she hops into bed and finds a cozy place to snuggle in. She loves to nuzzle and find the comfiest spot on the bed, and she only wakes up when we do. On the chance that one of us finds time to take a catnap on Saturday or Sunday afternoon, she’s even more of a snuggler, cozying in and purring softly as she sleeps. She has a good habit of coaxing us into the sunniest spot in the room, which is her favorite place to be.

    She is a fun, playful, and adventurous kitty, and her moxie is matched only by her endearing sweetness. She is a wonderful addition to the family, and we could not be more grateful than to be celebrating her first birthday with her. She’s a beautiful treasure, the sweetest little feline soul, and she’s enriched our lives beyond measure.

    Happy Birthday, Akila! We love you so.

  41. We are so in love with our little Loulabelle. She has gorgeous coloring, beautiful rosettes and a silky coat. She’s so playful, curious and also cuddly. She loves to be near us. Tiffanie does an amazing job of socializing her kittens and you can definitely tell. Loulabelle is so smart, healthy and well-trained. We just adore her! We’re so grateful for Tiffanie and all of the love and care she gives her kittens.

  42. I love my Zoe from 14k Bengals. Tiffanie is so supportive through the selection process, patiently providing education and advice on the perfect kitty personality for your home. She provides immediate feedback with guidance through the transition of the new kitten to your home. The kitten is unbelievably well socialized, very loving, allows her nails to be trimmed, rides in the car, very healthy and did I say beautiful. I have learned so much about cats and their care from Tiffanie. I would recommend 14k Bengals above all others.

  43. Jodi and Steven Ross on July 1, 2015 @ 11:39 pm

    Tiffanie is the angel that brought our Tyrael. To say that our baby is amazing just does not do it justice. We are 100% addicted to this baby. The love and tenderness that Tiffanie poured into this baby is evident in his personality. He is so confident and loving and we have only had him for a few short days. He has already brought us hours of entertainment and joy. I am so glad that Tiffanie has the approval process that she does. She knows what is the absolute best for the babies and boy does it show. She got to know us so that she could match our baby to us and she got it so right!!! Tyrael is perfection, sweet from his cute little nose to the tip of his beautiful tail. He is gorgeous!! He looks like a baby leopard!!

    If anyone out there is looking for the best Bengals, look no further…Tiffanie is definitely who you should contact!!! I love her!!!!!!!!! Thank you Tiffanie…we will cherish him all the days of his life!!!

  44. About amazing Tiffanie and 14karat bengals…..
    Tiffanie is amazing! Her unparalleled love and dedication to her beloved babies is is put into every bengal she raises. She dedicates her life and and time to give love and training- THE BEST SOCIALIZATION ANY KITTEN CAN RECEIVE! …… And it totally shows!!!
    I adopted my Raja in February . Being an outstanding breeder, got to know me and picked the perfect fit for me, Raja!!! He is the kindest, most gentle and loving sweet baby boy! He came to me so happy and not hesitant about anything… just really happy, and completely trained! ( litterbox & scratchie post loyal) He gives head bumps, purrs and pure affection. He loves to have his paws rubbed! His nail trimmings are a breeze! He really likes to go for car rides:) I take him on outings on a leash and harness.He is BEYOND AMAZING KITTY!!! I can’t imagine EVER getting a bengal from ANYONE but her! She is the BEST!!! Trust me, it TOTALLY matters who raises and trains and socializes such an incredible breed of cat!
    FINDING THE RIGHT BREEDER IS EVERYTHING!!!Raja is so special. He is not just gorgeous, what an amazing personality! Kind and loving, VERY well socialized!!!all because of his upbringing…all because pf Tiffanie! My magnificent Raja…He loves people, kids, dogs, birds, and other cats. He is so loving! So kind. This is all because of Tiffanie, and how he was raised, trained and LOVED as a baby kitten. Thank you so much for Raja…I will always sing your praises!! Love you!!! Anything I I needed to know, or could be helpful, she was and always will be there to answer anything for me. She is sooo helpful and knows so much!!! She is very informative and extremely passionate about felines~ her bengals! All of her cats are members of her family. They are beloved babies and treated like gold!! Maybe that’s why Rajas coat is so glittery!!:) Loved and held, cuddled and trained. Her sweet bengals are in a league of their own!!! If your considering a bengal, look no further….just reach out to Tiffanie, at 14karat bengal, and you will be FOREVER GRATEFUL you did! !!! :)
    Thank you for allowing me to have one of your beloved beautiful babies!!! You are our forever family!

  45. I adopted Flynn from Tiffanie in early July. He is my second 14KaratBengal baby. I also adopted Autumn, a beautiful tri-colored marble girl, from Tiffanie back in late December of 2014. Autumn was such a joy in my life that I knew I would find her a companion. I went back to Tiffanie, and she patiently helped me to find a kitten that would complement Autumn. Flynn is a stunning cashmere Bengal. Like Autumn, he has a very clear coat with a remarkable pattern. He has the sweetest face, a wild profile, and vivid coloration. Both of my Bengals from 14KaratBengal have lovely individual personalities, and I couldn’t be happier with them. Selecting a breeder does not simply end with receiving your kittens. It is also about establishing a solid relationship of trust so that you can reach out whenever any concerns arise about caring for your kitten and then adult cat in the future. Tiffanie is someone I trust implicitly, and she puts a lot of heart in raising her kittens. I spoke with many breeders before selecting one, and I sincerely cannot recommend Tiffanie enough. She’s a wonderful person and a great friend. As always, thank you so much Tiffanie!

  46. OUTSTANDING COMPLIMENTS. This make me feel very special to be considered to adopt a kitten from Tiffanie. We can not wait until we are proud parents of our new baby.
    Helen B

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