The International Bengal Cat Connection

General Information

**A percentage of every subscription goes to support the Bengal Rescue

The International Bengal Cat Connection is dedicated to the Bengal Cat and its owners! We live, work and play with our Bengal cats. We consider them part of our family!

Taking an entertaining, informative and balanced look at the ordinary and extraordinary relationships we form with our Bengals, The International Bengal Cat Connection:

  • Promotes public awareness – important issues that concern us and our cats are regularly presented
  • Is educational – includes practical advice on behavior, health and diet
  • Features heart-warming stories, “Soul Food” – real-life stories enjoyed by young and old alike
  • Has superb photography – is full of fantastic images of Bengal Cats -Pets, Breeders and Show cats alike!
  • Welcomes your articles, stories, letters and photographs! Submit an Article for an upcoming issue!

Special pages especially dedicated to kids,where we feature fun kids stuff. Benny the Bengal would love to receive your stories, poems, jokes, drawings, photos and ideas, and if your piece is published, he’ll send you a free gift! So, please mail in your masterpieces to

Benny the Bengal,
The International Bengal Cat Connection,
PO Box 6297,
Oroville, CA 95966

**Remember to enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope with your name, age and address.

When Do Quarterly Magazines get Sent?

The issues are sent based on a quarterly subscription.

1st Quarter January/February/March
2nd Quarter April/May/June
3rd Quarter July/August/September
4th Quarter October/November/December

Subscriptions are annual based on your subscribing date. If you joined in January, your subscription ends in December.

Subscribed: First Issue Will Be:
January April/May/June
February April/May/June
March April/May/June
April July/August/September
May July/August/September
June July/August/September
July October/November/December
August October/November/December
September October/November/December
October January/February/March
November January/February/March
December January/February/March

The International Bengal Cat Connection Magazine occasionally publishes other issues, volumes, or products that will be made available throughout the year!

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