Feline Urinary Health Support 60 ct

With Cranberry & Parsley - 60ct

Made in the USA

Helps support normal healthy urinary tract function

Special urinary tract assistant for cats. Helps support normal, healthy urinary tract function. Contains real cranberry that helps maintain a cat's urine at a normal, healthy acidic and free-flowing level.

Directions for use for cats:
To release ingredients and to activate the natural flavorings your cat will love, break chewable tablets into smaller pieces. Give one or two tablets twice daily.

Active Ingredients per Chewable Tablet:
Cranberry (Dried) - 50mg
Ascorbic Acid - 25mg
Parsley (Petoselinium Sativum) - 5mg
Corn Silk (Zea Mays) - 5mg
Uva Ursi (Arcostaphylosurva-Ursi) - 5mg
Couch Grass Root - 5mg
Slippery Elm - 5mg
Butcher's Broom - 5mg>br> Marshmallow Root - 5mg
Horsetail - 5mg

Inactive Ingredients:
Chicken (dried), Liver (defatted pork), Natural flavorings, Stearic acid and yeast (torula)


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