The Cat Breeder’s Handbook – Second Edition


Illustrated with beautiful photographs! Special thanks to world renowned Helmi Flick for her support and contributions, making this one of the most beautiful books available! WINNER OF THE PRO PLAN PEDIGREED CATS AWARD

“…outstanding reference book both for breeders and cat owners. Tons of practical ‘how to’ information and information not found in other books on breeding. Many of the veterinary science articles are referenced. The writing style made it easy to understand. The ‘Tips and Time Savers’ had some great ideas. The illustrations and photos were outstanding. I will recommend the guide to new breeders.” Janet Wolf (Served as Secretary of the Winn Feline Foundation and in 2002 became the foundation’s first executive director.)




Past TICA president, Kay DeVilbiss said, "The Cat Breeder's Handbook is a priceless collection for breeders. Every new breeder needs one! Too many new breeders do not have an adequate mentor when they start out and this is an excellent reference."


So much has been written about keeping and breeding cats, but never before has there been such a wonderful compilation of information from veterinarians, experts in the field, breeders, breed registries and many others. This much needed second edition embraces a comprehensive approach to the topic of cat breeding.

The cat fancy benefits when breeders are equipped with the knowledge and fundamentals of responsible and reputable breeding. We believe this is one of the most complete books ever published on the subject. It covers a range of topics essential to successful and responsible cat breeding.

The book is fully illustrated in both color and black and white, and contains wonderful photographs of the many recognized breeds. Including a complete section of photographs from world renowned feline photographer Helmi Flick.

While the edition is directed at the cat breeder, any feline fancier could benefit from the valuable information included on the pages within. No feline fanciers’ library should be without a copy of The Cat Breeder’s Handbook - second edition. The easily understood information contained in this book is practical and applicable, as well as authoritative. The years of knowledge combined within the pages of The Cat Breeder’s Handbook, second edition are absolutely invaluable. A wonderful addition to any breeder's library!

This very complete handbook covers everything from selecting your breeding cats, costs involved in breeding, keeping a stud cat, prepartum, pregnancy, postpartum, raising the kittens, vaccinations, feeding, placing the kittens and so much more! A vendor listing of where to purchase products is included in this magnificent volume; where to get product catalogs, vendor websites and contact information! This list alone is a resource that is worth gold to any breeder and even any pet owner!

This book is sure to be one of your best guides! For new breeders and for breeders that are looking for a valuable source of information all in one place!


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