Wooly Bully Mouse

Your cat will love this mouse. They will have hours of fun tossing it around. Cats love tearing into the wool mouse and when the mouse is looking a bit frazzled, grab it up, stuff it in a sock- throw it into the washer and then the dryer and it's good to go another round!  This toy will quickly become a favorite! Order more than one-- that way when one is in the "renewal" stage, kitty still has one to play with!
100% wool body. Leather ears, tail, nose

  • Color:¬†Varies
  • Size:¬†Approximately 3 inches
  • Discounts on quantities of 3 or more (only $5.95 each)!
Wooly Bully Cat Toy Mouse: Various colors, these wool mice are quickly a feline favorite! Wash, Dry and renew!

Price: $6.45

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