Whipper Faux Fur Satin Tailed Teaser Wand – Cat Toy


Get ready for pure fun! These faux fur and satin tailed teasers are AMAZING! Some of the best cat toys we've ever seen! Complete with noisemakers the clear flexible wand teasers are AMAZING! No metal parts with the patented flexi-wand technology that makes these bounce in a way that excites and stimulates the cat's natural prey instincts. The quality is exceptional! This toy is made to last! Approximately 73 inches from tip to tip. Faux fur make these even better for the Bengal cat lover! We give these teasers a TEN STAR rating! These were also voted within the pet industry as a top ten toy, too!

Strong acrylic wand with a special added feature to make this whip bounce! Real leather makes this toy even more attractive to cats! You're sure to be happy with it and so will your cat!

  • 1 whipper faux fur and satin tailed teaser per order
  • Approx 73 inches long from tip to tip
  • Wand color and animal print will vary

Price: $12.99

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