Fish Stix Catnip Cat Toy

Our long style Fish Stix catnip toys are loaded with potent organic catnip. Ideal for back leg kicking and hugging during play.

The design is based symmetry and the philosophy that symmetry appeals to the cat. Symmetry studies have been performed showing that people are more attracted to things that are symmetrical and that people with more symmetrical features are often found to be more appealing. These toys have been featured on the Ellen Degeneres show, and by Sharon Osbourne. Additionally the toys are also given high awards within the pet industry. Among high end boutiques and pet owners around the world, these toys are considered to be one of the highest quality soft toy lines in the pet market today. Boutique owners also report that celebrities Kirstie Ally, Kelly Preston and Dave Stewart’s pets are among the loyal brand owners!

  • 1 Fish Stix Catnip Toy per order
  • Approx 9 inches in length

Price: $5.89

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