Glow in the Dark Wand Teaser – Cat Toy

Glows in the dark for some pretty spectacular feline fun! A 32" clear wand attached to a 38" reinforced cord.  The length of the wand allows for a more active play session that will have your cat stalking, chasing, pouncing, jumping and eventually catching the teaser much to any cat's delight. Play, chase activities and hunting are related behaviors. Since cats hunt predominately when light is dim, Glow in the dark toys provide a natural play time your cat will instinctively enjoy!

  • Non-toxic Glow in the dark colors - colors vary
  • Flexi-Neck for Bounce and Safety
  • Stuffed Toy with Rattle Inside
  • Rubberized Surface
  • Puncture Resistant
  • Reinforced Satin Cord Tails
  • One teaser wand per order



Price: $15.99

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