Crinkle n Feather Wand Teaser – Cat Toy

Crinkle n Feathers BouncerAWESOME Teaser Wand!

Approximately 27 inches from tip to tip. Natural tinted feathers with tear-resistant curly crinkles! The cats literally flip over these Crinkle n Feather wands. AMAZING! Some of the best cat toys we've ever seen! The quality is exceptional! This toy is made to last!  We give these whip teasers a TEN STAR rating! These were also voted a CAT FANCY EDITOR's CHOICE toy, too!

Strong acrylic wand with a special added feature to make this whip bounce! Real feathers make this toy even more attractive to cats! You're sure to be happy with it and so will your cat!

  • 1 Crinkle n Feather teaser per order
  • Approx 27 inches long from tip to tip
  • Wand color and feather colors will vary

Price: $9.75

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