Glitter Ball Cat Toy

Undoubtedly, the Glitter Ball will become one of your Bengal's favorite toys. Light weight and sparkly, perfect for retrieving! BUT, be forewarned- you WILL need more than one! Since this toy is so popular - if it gets misplaced, your Bengal will search for it and not be happy if it cannot find it!

Approximately 1- 1.5 inches (from glittery tip to glittery tip). Despite being lightweight, they are surprisingly durable!

  • Color: Varies
  • 4, 6, or 10 per order - you choose which size package: 4 - $2.99, 6 - $4.24, 10 - $6.99
  • or order the 96 glittery balls container and SAVE! only $33.98!

Remember to discard toys that are well-used and worn. Supervision is always recommended for all pet toys. Choking hazard for small children.

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