Bengal Cat Brochures

Perfect for breeder kitten kits, breed booths or for general educational information. Beautiful full color brochures - The Bengal Cat, Re-homing Guidelines and in the varied packet there are numerous other topics!
Foundation cats, Dental Health, Vaccinations, etc.

Packet of 10 high quality brochures per set.

The Bengal Cat: These brochures are packed with information on the Bengal breed with full color photos throughout. Includes a section on Bengals in Rescue, Looking for a Kitten? How to find the Purrfect Breeder!

Re-homing Guidelines: These brochures are packed with information on re-homing your cat. Help to educate owners on choices and options available when and if they find themselves in a situation where they have no choice but to re-home their cat. Packed with valuable information on keeping the breed safe.

High gloss finish produces absolutely stunning brilliant images and color. Some of the most beautiful cats in the breed are represented in these quality brochures! Complete with a placeholder to include your personal contact information.

** Bengals Illustrated Subscribers - these items are available as a FREE download to you in the SUBSCRIBERS area! Print them off of your own computer!

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