Bengal Kittens

The Print Edition; fully bound familiar, traditional paper magazine format.

The CD version comes to you in its own protective case and is in a secured pdf format.

You're going to love this issue no matter what format you chose! SPECTACULAR FULL COLOR! FANTASTIC ARTICLES!

This issue is packed with information and FULL COLOR photos of the Bengal cat!

... these are only a few of the articles highlighted in this spectacular issue!

  • FEATURED KITTENS - TOP KITTENS from around the world are featured in this beautiful issue!!
  • TRICK TRAINING - Teaching your Bengal cat tricks!
  • THE LIFE STAGES OF THE NEONATAL KITTEN - A first ever full color pictorial tour of Life Before Birth. Understand the life stages of your cat's pregnancy.
  • The Hiking Bengal - Bengals are adventurous and LOVE to go on adventures.
  • CHOOSING THE RIGHT SIRE AND DAM - How do you pick the perfect combination?
  • Safe and Natural Pesticides
  • RAISING NEWBORNS - This article will help you to successfully raise healthy kittens
  • THE VILLAGE APPROACH - The Asian Leopard cats raise their kittens with a communal approach - is it possible to raise Bengal kittens in the same manner?
  • CATS SUCK - Many kittens and cats will suck on blankets, articles of clothing, etc... This article helps us to gain insight on this behavior
  • Plus MORE!

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