Bengal Kitten Booklet

Your New Bengal Kitten

Everything you need to know:

Covering many of the most frequently asked questions that Bengal owners have. Complete with a place for your kitten's health record, microchipping, breeder and veterinarian information. Packed full of information and beautiful photos.  For quantity discounts see More Details.

Additional Topics Covered include: General information on Bengal Kittens

    The Bengal Cat
    Should I Show My Bengal Cat
    How are Bengals Different From Other Spotted Cats
    Bengals Make the "PURR"fect Family Pets
    Helping Your New Kitten Adjust to a New Home
    Naming Your New Kitten
    Kitten Proofing, Poisonous Plants
    Selecting a Veterinarian, Feline Vaccinations
    The Importance of a Nutritionally Balanced Diet
    How to Read Cat Food Labels
    Premium Cat Food and Cost
    Trimming Your Cat's Claws
    Deterring Inappropriate Scratching
    Making an Informed Decision - Declawing
    The Cat Needs Medicating
    How to Pill a Cat - The No Nonsense Approach
    The Litter Box
    Can You Smell Failure?
    In or Out (indoors or outdoors)
    My Cat Needs a New Home

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      12+ $5.95
      26+ $5.75
      50+ $5.25
      100+ $4.75


Price: $6.95

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