Bengals Illustrated Hit By Wild Land Fires

Fire Demolished Home9/2/2015

The fires in California have ravaged the state, devouring everything in their path. California’s droughts have not helped the matter any. Trees and land alike are dry and showing the stress of the lack of water. Bengals Illustrated was hit pretty hard when the fires came through our “backyard,” leaving everything it touched barely recognizable. Much that wasn’t consumed by the fire suffered a great amount of water damage.

We are struggling to recover and appreciate the help of so many of our Bengal friends — without who this would be close to impossible! Please bear with us as we are behind with emails and updates.


The Bengals Illustrated Calendar is Available!

Bengals Illustrated 2015 Calendar


This year’s annual award winning Bengals Illustrated Calendar is spectacular, as is to be expected!

Every year the calendar is sought out by thousands as the best calendar available that features the world’s most popular breed of cat, the Bengal cat! Sixteen months of beautiful Bengals (17 months if you include the fact that December of 2014 is also in this calendar!) You won’t be able to wait for the next month, just so that you can turn the page. Like years past, this calendar features breeders and Bengal cats from all over the world. Some of the most beautiful Bengal cats in the world can be found in this gorgeous keepsake calendar. …Not all photos are pictured here … there are even MORE in this exceptional calendar!

Calendar - 2015 Bengal cats

Not only is the calendar gorgeous and an extended year (through April of 2016), but it’s also an over-sized 9″ x 12″ calendar. Popular holidays are noted and the calendar’s date blocks are big enough for notes, too. High quality, heavy-weight glossy paper. Order a copy for a friend or for your veterinarian! They are sure to love it!

— On the cover is beautiful and stunning Amantra Cashmere Jewel of Adonis Bengals.

Get your copy soon – before we run out!!  ORDER YOUR COPY HERE: CALENDAR


Bengals Illustrated Does It Again!


The CWA Awards were held in Texas this year. Many of the top names in publishing/authoring were represented — names like Cat Fancy Magazine, Cats USA, Kittens USA, just to name a few… Award winning publications was again honored to be among so many greats in the industry! This annual Awards Banquet is something that all of us look forward to and understand what a great privilege it is to be among such a prestigious crowd! It is a type of “Oscars” ceremony and respected as such. Therefore, any award or recognition achieved is certainly acknowledgement of excellence. This year Award Winning Publications (us) took Certificates of Excellence Awards For Bengals Illustrated Magazine, Savannahs Illustrated Magazine and the Ragdolls Illustrated Calendar. In addition to the Certificates of Excellence …

  • The “IN THE SPOTLIGHT” AWARD, was presented to Bengals Illustrated for best advancing the protection, preservation, and promotion of pedigreed cats and/or the pedigreed cat fancy.  About the winner, judge Ms. Cerda-Reed said, “What a great magazine!” The winner is Brigitte McMinn for Bengals Illustrated.
  • The PRO PLAN® PEDIGREED CATS AWARD, sponsored by Purina, presented to the writer or creator of the best publication of the year that focuses on cat breeds, pedigreed cats, and professional breeder issues. The judge, Marylou Anderson, said, “This covers not only feline health issues, anatomy and physiology and behavior but also genetics, dietary, personal experiences and the sensitive subject of preparing for the death of an owner and making sure the cat(s) are going to be cared for.” The winner is Brigitte McMinn for “Bengals Illustrated.”
  • Bengals Illustrated also received the highly esteemed Muse Medallion Award!

It is with great honor that we accept these awards and acknowledgements. 


The Story of Rosie


RosieIt all started when Rosie’s mom, a beautiful brown spotted Bengal cat got outdoors and was mauled and killed by a dog. Rosie, and her siblings were left motherless at just barely 3 weeks of age. Great Lakes Bengal Rescue (GLBR) stepped up and one of their volunteers stepped forward to travel over twelve hours to get Rosie and her siblings to foster them. The kittens seemed to be doing fine and then Rosie began showing signs of distress. The foster quickly took Rosie in to the Emergency veterinary hospital and Rosie was given oxygen , antibiotics and started on IV fluids – she had phenmonia. Her siblings were also brought in, but after observation they were released back to the foster, but Rosie stayed. After several days, Rosie was making progress and she was released to go home, but it was short-lived. Rosie was readmitted given oxygen and fluids to rehydrate her. She was still on the antibiotics she had originally been sent home with.

Baby Rosie

The next day Rosie was again released to go home. It appeared that her siblings were happy to see her and that she was happy to be back. She continued on her antibiotics and seemed to be thriving.

Her belly was full and she was playing happily with her siblings and her foster mom. a couple days later, Rosie again was showing signs of distress and was again taken to the Emergency Veterinary Hospital where she coded and died.

Everything had been done to save her and all were devastated by her death. The veterinary bills had mounted and GLBR was left with a bill that was over $2000! During Rosie’s recovery, Bengals Illustrated offered to help via a fundraiser and through generous and caring persons, we were able to raise over $1900 (GLBR already had raised $550, bringing the total donations to $2485.99). Additionally, Bengals Illustrated absorbed all paypal fees so that GLBR would receive the full donation amount and not lose monies that paypal charged in fees. Bengals Illustrated also sent out close to 70 thank you gifts to each donor (other than those who requested no gift be sent). Thank you to each donor who helped to give this gift of love and care.

We are heartbroken that Rosie passed over the rainbow bridge, but comforted by all those who helped with the fundraiser to help take care of the veterinary bills that were incurred.  Run Rosie and find comfort in your mother’s paws.

Rescue Check


CATMANDUZ Joins Bengals Illustrated As A Featured Columnist

Cat Man Duz3/6/2014

  • How Loud Does A Lion Roar?
  • Are King Cheetahs Different Than Regular Cheetahs?
  • Can You Brush A Cat’s Teeth?

Are you interested in the answers to these questions and other fascinating feline facts? Well, beginning in 2015 CatManDuz, Anthony Hutcherson, will answer those questions while presenting feline facts and cat fascinations in a docu-series for television! Follow Anthony as he takes his lifelong passion for exploring all things feline with some of the world’s leading specialists in feline health, feline behavior, wild cat conservation, domestic cat breeds, exhibition and the joys of living with cats. CatManDuz is excited to join Award Winning Publications as a featured columnist and writer!

Subscribe today to learn more and to follow the insight of CatManDuz!


T-Shirt Contest Winner Announced!

See Speak Hear No Evil Tshirt1/23/2014

Congratulations to t-shirt contest winner, Gloria Brennan.

“Think up a design for a NEW BENGAL CAT t-shirt – Get the most votes to win and get the first t-shirt with your idea on it!”

Gloria’s design idea received the greatest number of votes (see post below announcing the contest) making her idea a reality and winning her the first t-shirt with the design – Gloria’s idea: “3 Bengals one brown spotted, one brown marble and one snow – like the three monkeys”

See No Evil, Speak No Evil and Hear No Evil.

We think that the design team here at Bengals Illustrated was able to depict Gloria’s winning idea splendidly, turning it into a very cute t-shirt!

These cute little Bengals are really displaying their mischievous sides as the “See No Evil” brown spotted Bengal cat peeks through his paws and the “Speak No Evil” Snow Bengal sticks out his tongue mischievously! On the far right, not to be outdone by the other two Bengal cats, the marbled “Hear No Evil” Bengal covers one ear and cups the other to hear better! Those cute little stinkers!

The t-shirt is available in the Spot Shop under the T-shirt Category in a variety of sizes from children’s sizes to adult 6XL.

While you’re in the Spot Shop, take a minute to check out some of the other t-shirts and some of the other categories, too (everything from toys to supplements and books to home decor)! We’re sure you’re gonna find something there that you or your Bengal cat will love!


Bengals Illustrated Bengal Tshirt Contest

A Contest?

Tshirt Winner

It’s time for a contest!


With the holidays quickly approaching it seemed like a good time to spread some good cheer! So let’s have a contest!

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  • Let’s design a NEW Bengal cat Tshirt! Winner of the best design concept will win a FREE tee with their idea on it!
  • Check out our facebook page for more information – The more likes and comments your idea gets… the more likely you are to win!
  • Contest will run through December 21st, 2013



Traipse Cattery in the News11/22/2013

Once again a Bengals Illustrated breeder makes the headlines! Congratulations to Teresa Seling of Traipse Bengal Cattery for being featured on King 5’s evening magazine! The piece warns readers/viewers to be prepared for “excessive cuteness!” But, can one really be prepared for just how cute Bengals are?

Take a minute to read the article and watch the video, too! It’s a well done piece of positive publicity for the Bengal breed and one of our reputable Bengals Illustrated, Bengal cat breeders!

Again, a big congratulations to Teresa for being the featured cattery! To see the full article visit King 5’s evening magazine.


Bengals Illustrated 2014 Bengal Cat Calendar Available Now

Bengal Calendar Cover


Available now in the Spot Shop. The Bengals Illustrated Bengal Cat Calendar is 17 months and 36 pages filled with beautiful Bengal cats!

Calendars are a full 9″ x 12″ on a high quality glossy paper. This calendar features the exquisite beauty, playful nature and stunning magnificence of the Bengal from kittens to cats! Featuring Bengals from around the world and includes some of the top Bengal breeders worldwide, too! Additionally, the Bengals Illustrated Calendar has received the worldwide known CWA Certificate of Excellence Award! – You won’t be disappointed! This beautiful calendar is filled with gorgeous Bengal cats and Bengal kittens. Absolutely breath-taking!

Order it NOW and don’t forget to order one for you veterinarian as a Christmas gift!



NEW APHIS/USDA Ruling Threatens The Dog and Cat Fancy


USDA and APHIS have set in place a ruling that will exterminate the dog and cat fancy as we know and love it. This ruling will exterminate the hobby breeder and negatively impact the dog and cat breeds that you love. Everyone Has The Right To Choose

  •  To own the pet of their choice

 To have their puppy or kitten raised by a reputable breeder, where their new family member has been lovingly cared for underfoot—rather than being forced to acquire their new pet from breeding facilities, commercial breeders, pet stores or shelters.  To own a rare or not-so-rare breed that isn’t jeopardized into extinction because of a poorly thought out ruling that targets reputable hobby breeders.  To have the option of having their new puppy or kitten travel to them by air if need be.  Caring, reputable breeders should be able to choose the best environment for their puppies or kittens. Many prefer an in home environment, since it has proven over and over again to produce the most socially confident pets.

CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVE TODAY Don’t delay. If not you, then who will stand up for the rights of pet owners, reputable breeders and the pedigreed dog and cats of America? There’s a reason that pedigreed cats and dogs have become so popular…health and genetic stability are important to pet owners…reputable breeders insure the best genetically healthy kittens by knowing what’s in the cat’s/dog’s lineage. The pedigreed dogs and cats of the United States are in jeopardy of becoming extinct! If we don’t act now this will be a reality.The ruling is set in place and if opposition isn’t heard, it will remain the single most detrimental thing to happen to dog and cat enthusiasts throughout the United States with its effects reaching the entire world!

Oppose the Changes to the USDA/APHIS Animal Welfare Act

Initially when looking at the USDA/APHIS Animal Welfare Act, it might look like a good idea, but upon close review, like many other government bills, rulings or laws, the fine print reveals how detrimental the changes will be to pet owners, enthusiasts, reputable hobby breeders and rescue groups.


In addition to being unfavorable for all dog and cat breeds, this ruling could effectively wipe out minority breeds, like the Korat, Bombay, American Wirehair and the Peruvian Inca Orchid. The USDA/APHIS changes to the animal welfare act came about under a cloak of protecting animals —this sounds great! Who doesn’t want to protect pets and their owners? We all do! But, not by stopping hobby breeders from being able to continue to care for and raise their puppies and kittens in a loving home environment. And, not by preventing owners from being able to obtain a puppy or a kitten from the reputable breeder of their choice. Proposed changes would stop reputable breeders from raising their puppies and kittens in home—because they would be required to operate a USDA “facility.” Your new puppy or kitten would no longer be allowed to be raised in a “family” setting within the breeder’s home! OPPOSE THE USDA/APHIS ANIMAL WELFARE ACT NOW! This same ruling mandates that pet owners are no longer able to have their pets from out-of-area breeders flown to them, UNLESS the pet owner is willing to fly to pick up the pet in person or pay the breeder to deliver the pet.

Some might say, “Why does it matter? They’re just dogs and cats. The Animal Welfare Act is for the protection of animals.”

That’s true, but there is already an Animal Welfare Act in place. Why this change matters is that it will forever change YOUR ability to own a pedigreed dog or cat at a reasonable price by shutting down hobby breeders and requiring that dogs and cats are maintained in a USDA facility! It will forever change a reputable breeder’s ability to socialize your pet within a loving home environment. It will forever change your freedom to purchase a pedigreed dog or cat from whatever breeder you choose. Take a quick moment to voice your opposition. The AKC made significant efforts to educate APHIS regarding concerns with how this ruling change will affect the pedigreed dog and cat world. “THE RULE WAS INITIALLY PROPOSED IN MAY 2012 AND HAS SINCE THAT TIME BEEN THE SUBJECT OF EXTENSIVE OBJECTIONS BY THE AKC AND OTHER GROUPS AND INDIVIDUALS CONCERNED ABOUT THE FUTURE OF RESPONSIBLY BRED DOGS AND SMALL/HOBBY BREEDERS.” American Kennel Club, AKC The overly vague nature of this regulation basically imposes commercial standards on some small hobby breeders. Pet owners, this affects you! Rise up. Let your voice be heard. Let your representative know that you oppose this ruling.  Changes to this ruling will place unnecessary financial burdens on reputable hobby breeders, which will inevitably have to be passed on to you when you decide to add another pet to your family.  Don’t allow USDA/ APHIS to threaten your rights to own the dog or cat breed of your choice.  Oppose the changes to the USDA/APHIS Animal Welfare Act today! Contact your representative today! The following website or the QR code will take you directly to where you can quickly and easily voice your opposition to this poorly thought out ruling. The dog and cat breeds that you love are counting on you! CONTACT YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE TODAY TO OPPOSE THIS RULING 

DOWNLOAD the Brochure to copy and redistribute

Oppose the changes to the USDA/APHIS Animal Welfare Act today! Contact your representative NOW! 

For more information visit:

Don’t allow your freedoms to be taken away!


Bengals Illustrated Sponsors Belgian On Safari

OS 2013 Belgium 8/29/2013

Bengals Illustrated is proud to be the official sponsor of TEN rings at the upcoming Belgian Bengal cats On Safari Bengal Cat Congress. Bengal cats from all over the world, in a variety of colors and patterns, will compete for special honors and wins from Best Bengal to Best Bengal Ears (and almost everything in between!). Breeders Choice and the President’s Choice awards will also be presented at this …SPOTacular show. It’s an exciting time for Bengal cat enthusiasts, and all those that attend the prestigious event. Watch this NEWS page to get the results of the On Safari show to be held in September of 2013 on the 7th and 8th. For more information and a show flyer visit the Bengals Illustrated UPCOMING EVENTS page.   divider

The Charcoal Bengal Cat –

once thought a color is now proven to actually be a pattern

8/23/2013 Cats and the Cradle, Bengals Illustrated

Brian W Davis Ph.D. Brian Davis, Ph.D.  headed a research study for Bengal cat breeders to help determine what some breeders already thought/knew … Charcoal is a pattern, rather than a color variation of the Bengal cat. The research was completed by Drs. Liza Gershony and Leslie Lyons at U.C. Davis, California. The beautiful Charcoal Bengals (featured in Bengals Illustrated, Cats and the Cradle issue) have created a great amount of interest amongst breeders and Bengal cat enthusiasts alike.  As presented in an article on the Charcoal back in 2010, Bengals Illustrated was at the forefront with providing this breakthrough information. When many were sceptical, Bengals Illustrated supported printing theory, complete with articles from feline geneticist, Solveig Plfuegar, and Bengals Illustrated breeders/subscribers, Terra Sinclair and Joshua Dabbs. We are proud of their accomplishments and join Brian Davis, Ph.D in his sentiments: “I just want to thank everyone for their participation in the Charcoal study.  Specific thanks must be paid to Terra Sinclair, who has been championing this for a long time, and to Joshua Dabbs who helped corral samples with stunning efficacy.  Leslie Lyons’ group did a fantastic, effective, and rapid series of experiments and the results are quite definitive.  As the data rolls out and becomes public, I will make certain to let the community know.  You all did a fantastic job.  Congratulations to us all on a collaborative job well done.  That’s how science gets accomplished.  Kudos. Thank you all! Sincerely, -Brian W. Davis, Ph.D. -National Human Genome Research Institute -Cancer Branch, National Institute of Health Additional information can be found at the U.C. Davis, California website: Charcoal Pattern – Bengal Cat The Bengal cat breed consists of hybrid animals originally developed from crosses between the domestic cat (Felis sylvestris catus) and the Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) (Prionailurus bengalensis). Although the original intention was to replicate the exotic spotted ALC coat in domestic cats, some hybrids sport an unusual coat marking of a darker face mask and dark thick dorsal stripe (cape). This pattern has generated great interest among Bengal enthusiasts. Terra Sinclair, a Bengal cat breeder, postulated from breeding outcomes that the “charcoal” pattern was produced by the combination of a domestic cat non-agouti allele (a) and an ALC agouti allele (APb), thus conferring the darker markings on their coat pattern. Research by Drs. Liza Gershony and Leslie Lyons has confirmed this mode of inheritance of the pattern. The VGL offers a test that helps breeders/owners determine the Charcoal status and breeding potential of their cats. Results reported as:

  • APb/APb: Cat has two ALC alleles. All offspring will have agouti banded hair. Offspring can be agouti or charcoal depending on the genetics of mating.
  • AFc/APb: Cat has one ALC and one domestic cat agouti alleles. Offspring can be agouti or charcoal depending on the genetics of mating.
  • APb/a: Charcoal Bengal cat. Carries one ALC agouti and one domestic cat non-agouti allele. Offspring can be agouti, non-agouti or charcoal depending on the genetics of mating.
  • AFc/AFc: Cat has two copies of domestic cat agouti. All offspring will have agouti banded hair.
  • AFc/a: Cat has one copy each of domestic cat agouti and non-agouti. Offspring can be agouti, charcoal or non-agouti depending on the genetics of the mating.
  • a/a: Cat has two copies of domestic non-agouti (solid colored). Offspring can be agouti, charcoal or non-agouti depending on the genetics of the mating.



8/8/2013 Santa Fe New Mexican News

Once again a Bengals Illustrated Breeder makes the headlines! Congratulations to Allyson Martinez-Bennett of Santa Fe Bengal Cattery for being featured in the Santa Fe New Mexican News! This great piece is directed toward dog lovers and sharing the exciting news of the Bengal cat breed. The article is a well written piece on the benefits of the Bengal cat to dog lovers! This story shares that Bengal cats even go out on leashes, come when called and beat a dog for the “coolness factor.” Afterall, “It’s hard for a dog to be cool.”  The article further shares that, “Bengals are engaged, playful, intelligent and — wait for it — much less work than dogs.” All in all, it’s a great piece of publicity for the breed we love! Congratulations Allyson for being the featured cattery in the piece! To see the full article visit the Santa Fe New Mexican News. divider


8/5/2013 Tailspin in the News

Congratulations to Bobbie Damiano of Tailspin Bengals, one of our very own Bengals Illustrated Breeders on their recent feature in the New Jersey Examiner! It’s a great piece on the Meet The Bengals event that was held at the CFA Garden State Expo! The Cat Fanciers Association, CFA, doe not currently recognize the Bengal cat as a registered breed and Bengal cats are ineligible for CFA championship titles, although, the Bengal cat is recognized by The International Cat Association, TICA, and is considered to be the world’s most popular pedigreed breed according to registration statistics! The article shares just a little bit of Bengal cat history and then goes on to report on the Meet the Bengal Cat event stating, “Even though not recognized as a breed by the CFA, there is still a place for the Bengal Cat in a cat show of this size and scope. They are a type of cat that would attract a special type of owner. Since they are active cats, they are meant for those who would like daily interaction. They are the type of cat who demand attention and enjoy being part of the family.” Overall the event was a huge success with the Bengal cat bringing large crowds to the show. Special congratulations to Bengals Illustrated breeder, Bobbie Damiano for all her efforts! To see the full article visit the NJ Examiner.


FREE Download Feline Husbandry

Feline Husbandry 8/1/2013

Feline Husbandry, Diseases and Management in the Multiple Cat Environment, by Dr. Neils Pederson “Feline Husbandry,” authored and edited by Dr. Niels C. Pedersen of the School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis, was originally published in 1991. The book struck a chord with breeders of purebred cats, is a respected resource covering all aspects of managing feline health in catteries. The author’s intent is that the book should be a highly useful tool to improve the way cats are managed by both new and experienced breeders of purebred cats. Only 3800 copies of the book were printed, and it is now out of print. Copies of the book have become collector’s items, difficult to find and expensive to purchase. Demand for the book remains strong, and large parts of the text are both current and relevant. The Center for Companion Animal Health (CCAH) is offering a copy of the book in .pdf format on their website as a resource for cat breeders who are unable to find a copy elsewhere.” Even though this book was published in 1991, many parts remain relevant today for the feline owner, enthusiast and/or breeder.  This is a great resource (Click on the book to get the free download – listed in chapters and will require Adobe Reader to open the PDF files. If you don’t have Adobe Reader, you can download it free from the Adobe website here. Dr. Neils Pederson has made this valuable publication available for free. Many in the cat fancy will be quick to tell you that this book is considered the cat fancy Bible! Topics include information from highly respected authorities on the subject of multiple-cat situations. From the history of domestic cats to genetics, genetic disorders, developmental anomalies, and setting up breeding programs. With additional information on Reproduction and reproductive disorders to nutrition and nutritional disorders, also including insight on behaviour and behavioural disorders. But the valuable information doesn’t stop there! It also includes insight on toxicology, cattery design, cattery management, and common infectious diseases. This free download is the perfect companion book to The Cat Breeder’s Handbook available through Amazon Books or from The Cat Breeder’s Handbook website.  Bengals Illustrated also has it available in the Spot Shop. The Cat Breeder's Handbook The Cat Breeder’s Handbook is fully illustrated in both color and black and white, and contains wonderful photographs of the many recognized breeds. Including a complete section of photographs from world renowned feline photographer Helmi Flick. While the edition is directed at the cat breeder, any feline fancier could benefit from the valuable information included on the pages within. No feline fanciers’ library should be without a copy of The Cat Breeder’s Handbook – second edition. The easily understood information contained in this book is practical and applicable, as well as authoritative. The years of knowledge combined within the pages of The Cat Breeder’s Handbook, second edition are absolutely invaluable. A wonderful addition to any breeder’s library! This very complete handbook covers everything from selecting your breeding cats, costs involved in breeding, keeping a stud cat, prepartum, pregnancy, postpartum, raising the kittens, vaccinations, feeding, placing the kittens and so much more! A vendor listing of where to purchase products is included in this magnificent volume; where to get product catalogs, vendor websites and contact information! This list alone is a resource that is worth gold to any breeder and even any pet owner! This book is sure to be one of your best guides! For new breeders and for breeders that are looking for a valuable source of information all in one place! The Cat Breeder’s Handbook was chosen as the most valuable publication on the pedigreed cat, winning the ProPlan Award and receiving high reviews from TICA past president, Kay DeVilbiss and from Janet Wolfe, past president and co-founder of the Feline WINN foundation.


2014 Bengal Cat Calendar

Bengal Kittens7/6/2013

Bengals Illustrated has begun accepting photos for possible inclusion in the 2014 Bengal cat calendar! Send in your high resolution photos (please include the cat’s name and owner’s name). Who knows, your Bengal cat/s might be chosen for the upcoming 2014 Bengals Illustrated calendar! No professional photos (unless the photographer submits them). Submission grants Bengals Illustrated (Award Winning Publications) permission to use for publication. You may submit as many photos as you like, too! Photos must belong to you and must be copyright free. Submission states this to be true. For more information and photo submissions email us at divider



Only a week after Bengals Illustrated announced that Bengals Illustrated would be sponsoring a CFA show with Patrick’s Bengal, we were contacted and informed that the sponsorship had been pulled and that no Bengal related sponsorships would be allowed at the CFA GARDEN STATE EXPO and SHOW July 20 and 21 in Somerset, New Jersey. This news came only hours after the Cat Fancier’s Association had announced their decision to reverse their long standing rule rejecting the registration of any cats with a hybrid heritage — now allowing those breeds. While the sponsorships and any advertising of Bengal cat breeders will not be allowed, the show will continue to feature the Meet The Bengal Cat exhibit. divider

Bengal Breed Again Most Popular Breed

#Bengalcats are the most popular breed in the world


For the fifth year running, the Bengal cat is named the most popular breed of cat in the world! According to TICA (The International Cat Association), the world’s largest genetic feline registry, over ninety-eight-thousand (98,000) Bengal cats are now registered with them. From the breed’s early beginnings, when Jean Mill, the “mother” of the breed, took out the very first Bengal cats to a cat show for exhibition in 1985 (as a developing new breed), the public has been smitten by the “Bengal bug!”  The reaction from the crowds back in 1985 was overwhelming and the same holds true today in 2013. Enthusiasts of the breed are certainly are not surprised to find that the Bengal cat has again taken the position of most loved feline worldwide, for each enthusiast knows the same fate (having been bitten by the same bug)!

George Clooney with a Bengal Kitten

George Clooney, in the 1996 hit movie, One Fine Day, holding an Aluren Bengal kitten. A little trivia: There were actually four Bengal kittens used in the movie’s production; two from Jean Mill and two from Pat Killmaier. After using Jean’s kittens, the movie was filmed at a new locale, New York City and two of Pat’s Bengal kittens were then cast into the movie. The movie only has one kitten in it, but that kitten is played by four different Bengal kittens.

According to statistics, the world’s second most popular breed is the beautiful Ragdoll cat with over sixty-three-thousand (63,000) Ragdolls registered with TICA. Taking the third place position is the magnificent Maine Coon, with over forty-eight thousand (48,000) Maine Coon cats registered with TICA. Bengal cats are such an adaptable breed.  They get along well with other pets, most love the interaction and bond that they develop with dogs, they find children to be entertaining playmates and they are intelligent, loving and loyal. These traits, along with many other breed traits are easily what endears them to the public.They have found their way into the hearts of many, from the single person to large families and from the not-so-famous to the famous. Additionally, Bengal cats are becoming more and more popular in commercials and even appearing on some television shows (see the Bengals Illustrated issue Top Cats) and in movies. The Bengal cat is truly a popular breed! With those amazing registration figures, one might think that you would easily find these top breeds in rescue, but the reality is that these breeds are not found in rescue at any higher numbers than some of the other breeds that have been in the cat fancy much longer! Reputable breeders are committed to making the right placements and owners are responsible pet owners! Here’s a list of just a few of the celebrities that have been reported to own a Bengal cat (or two, or more):


Worldwide Photographers Support the Bengal Breed through Bengals Illustrated


It is with great honor that Bengals Illustrated acknowledges the world renowned and nationally acclaimed photographers who continuously support Bengals Illustrated magazine via their magnificent talent and beautiful photographs. Every issue is filled with some of the finest feline photographic works of art in the industry. The most recent issue of Bengals Illustrated adds another professional photographer to our photographic supporters, Serendipity Photography. Serendipity PhotographySerendipity graces Bengals Illustrated Serendipty is better known for their work with Model Portfolios and themed shoots, having completed numerous portfolios for models around the world. One of their award winning pin up shoots was “purr”fect for the most recent issue of Bengals Illustrated magazine. Helmi Flick Photography For years now world renowned feline photographer Helmi Flick ( has been at the forefront of being a Bengal breed and Bengals Illustrated supporter. There have been several Bengals Illustrated covers graced with a beautiful Helmi shot. Her gorgeous feline photographs have been featured in numerous magazines across the globe and her love of the cat is evident in every feline photo she shoots. Many of the world’s best Bengal cats have been honored to be photographed by Helmi. Additionally, Helmi’s well-known cat wrangler, Ken (Helmi’s husband), is a vital part of her worldwide acclaim. Helmi is the first to say that she couldn’t do it without Ken’s superb “cat wrangling” skills.  All in all, the duo is widely sought after for some of the best cat photos in the world. Karen McMillan Photography While you will often find Bengals Illustrated graced with Helmi photos, we would be remiss to not also mention some of the other very talented photographers that have had their photographic masterpieces displayed within the pages of Bengals Illustrated. Karen McMillan, also a well known pet photographer, who does business under the name of “Fido Photography” has had some exceptional photographs over the last couple years within the Bengals Illustrated pages. Her photos are always crisp and entertaining as she strives to portray her subjects in a natural setting. Karen’s Bengal photographs have been selected for a couple of Bengals Illustrated covers, in addition to a couple Bengals Illustrated calendar inclusions. On a fairly regular basis, Bengals Illustrated has also included photos from well-known Audra Mitchell Photography, yet another feline photographer, Larry Johnson, also known in the feline realm as an exceptional cat photographer, Dana Wimpfheimer Photography, who loves photographing animals, people, the outdoors and sports and Sandra Finch, a photographer located in Canada who loves to take photos of pets and people alike. Bengals Illustrated has had the honor of sharing magnificent photographs from Gus Sanderson and his wife Laura Macallen of Unlimited Photography who are renowned for their spectacular wildlife photographs in National Geographic and additionally, Gus loves to capture the beauty of the pedigreed cat. While these are the most oft found photographers within the publication, there have been numerous others that we are pleased and honored to have featured. Moreover, Bengals Illustrated is also very proud to include photos from various breeders, pet owners and general Bengal cat enthusiasts from around the world!


Bengal Cats are the Most Popular Breed in the World …again!


Four years running and the Bengal, once again, is the most popular breed of cat in the world according to TICA, The International Cat Association, the largest genetic registry worldwide. The Bengal cat continues to take over hearts and win the favor of feline lovers everywhere.  From their gorgeous markings, spectacularly soft coat to their unmatched purrsonality, the Bengal cat stands out in the purebred world of cats. This last show season, the Best Bengal cat in the world (based on show wins and points earned) was International Winner, Supreme Grand Champion, Cowboy Casanova of Speakeasy, owned by Chris and Gary Jacobson and bred by Susan Tobias. Second Best Bengal in the World was International Winner, Supreme Grand Champion, Spice Red Hot Chili Pepper, bred and owned by Boris Ehret and third Best Bengal cat in the world was International Winner, Supreme Grand Champion Akerrs Regal Splendor of Medusa, owned by Akiko Maeyama and Samantha Kerr, bred by Libbie Kerr. All three winners were brown spotted Bengals.


In the kitten class:

1. IW COWBOYCASANOVA OF SPEAKEASY Owned by Chris and Gary Jacobson, bred by Susan Tobias
2. RW BAHIYA SOLANO FROM BENGAL HOUSE Owned by Bart de Wit and Cindy Coppens, bred by Christina Kennedy
3. RW BENGALISLANDCAT OBSIDIAN OASIS Owned by Anthony Hutcherson, bred by Donna Haynes



Bengal cats can also be shown as alters.

The Top Three Bengal cats in the Alter Class were:

1. IW SGCA OWLSDENE HEARTS DESIRE Bred and owned by Elizabeth Richmond-Watson
2. RW SGC BEJULED WORLD ACCORDING TO SCHMOO Owned by Marie Vodika and bred by Juie Samuelson-Coleman
3. RW SGCA ROWAN ITS SNOWBIZ BABY Bred and owned by Joshua Dabbs and Helen Companions

Congratulations to all the season’s winners!


Bengals Illustrated 2013 Calendar

Bengal Cat Calendar


This year’s annual award winning Bengals Illustrated Calendar is spectacular! Every year the calendar is sought out by thousands as the best calendar available that features the world’s most popular breed of cat, the Bengal cat! Sixteen months of beautiful Bengals (17 months if you include the fact that December of 2012 is also in this calendar!) You won’t be able to wait for the next month, just so that you can turn the page. Like years past, this calendar features breeders and Bengal cats from all over the world. Some of the most beautiful Bengal cats in the world can be found in this gorgeous keepsake calendar. Not only is the calendar gorgeous and an extended year (16 months), but it’s also an over-sized 9″ x 12″ calendar. Popular holidays are noted and the calendar date blocks are big enough for notes, too. High quality, heavy-weight glossy paper. Order a copy for a friend or for your veterinarian! They are sure to love it! — On the cover is beautiful and silly Billabong Juli from Bengal House. Get your copy soon – before we run out!!  ORDER YOUR COPY HERE: CALENDAR


Bengals Illustrated and GLEE! …in the NEXT issue!

glee 1/10/2013

The series glee has taken America’s hearts by storm, but what does Bengals Illustrated have in common with this popular television show? BENGALS, of course! See how glee and Bengals Illustrated will be making an impact on animal welfare/rescue and the Bengal cat breed. See photos directly from the glee set, read about the fantastic bond that glee has with the Bengal cat, and enjoy the story of how it all came to be! Special thanks to the cast of GLEE for bringing this great piece to the readers of Bengals Illustrated Magazine. Subscribe today to be sure to get your copy!   SUBSCRIBE


Award Winning Publications takes Best of the Best!

Awards for Bengals IllustratedThe CWA Awards were held in Los Angeles, California this year. Many of the top names in publishing/authoring were represented — names like Cat Fancy Magazine, Cats USA, Kittens USA, just to name a few… Award winning publications was honored to be among so many greats in the industry! This annual Awards Banquet is something that all of us look forward to and understand what a great privilege it is to be among such a prestigious crowd! It is a type of “Oscars” ceremony and respected as such. Therefore, any award or recognition achieved is certainly acknowledgement of excellence. This year Award Winning Publications (us) took six Certificates of Excellence and three Muse Medallions in addition to the Special Awards, The ProPlan Pedigreed Cats Award and the most prestigious honor in the industry, The President’s Award! It is with great honor that we accept these awards and acknowledgements. 2012 Certificate of Excellence Winners Bengals Illustrated Magazine Savannahs Illustrated Magazine TICA Yearbook Bengals Illustrated Calendar Ragdolls Illustrated Calendar  Savannahs Illustrated Calendar 2012 Muse Medallion Winners Bengals Illustrated Magazine: Winner: Brigitte McMinn, ed., for Bengals Illustrated Bengals Illustrated Calendar Winner: Brigitte McMinn for Bengals Illustrated Calendar TICA Yearbook: Winner: Brigitte McMinn for TICA Yearbook Judge’s comment: “A beautiful book of stunning cats, fun-loving people and heartwarming passion makes flipping through these pages a sheer delight. It is a lovely and informative celebration of the year’s accomplishments with the organization.” Special Award Winners PRO PLAN® PEDIGREED CATS AWARD Winner: Savannahs Illustrated Magazine – Brigitte McMinn “This is a thorough explanation of the breed covering history, care, feeding and how to bring a new breed home. The magazine has an excellent set up and is an artistic treat.” And the absolute best for last: CWA PRESIDENT’S AWARD – Best of the Best Sponsored by The Cat Fanciers Association Winner: Bengals Illustrated Magazine– Brigitte McMinn “ …contains a wide range of excellent, well-written articles on cats and their care, as well as stunningly gorgeous photos. This year’s recipient of the CWA President’s Award is Bengals Illustrated.”


And the Winner is…

Award Winning Publications wins SIX Certificates of Excellence! Certificate of Excellence Winner! Winner of several Muse Medallions in the past, AWP understands that the Certificate of Excellence is a very prestigious honor! It could easily be likened to the Oscars for writers/publications! The standards for winning a Certificate of Excellence in the CWA Annual Awards are very high and this award is recognition of outstanding work in the field.  The winner of the CWA Muse Medallion is chosen from among the Certificate of Excellence winners, so this also means that AWP is a finalist for not one, but SEVERAL Muse Medallions! Award Winning Publications is again humbled by this great honor.

  • Bengals Illustrated has been selected by the judges as a Certificate of Excellence winner
  • Savannahs Illustrated has been selected by the judges as a Certificate of Excellence winner
  • TICA (The International Cat Association, Inc) Yearbook (produced by Award Winning Publications) has been selected by the judges as a Certificate of Excellence winner
  • Bengals Illustrated Calendar has been selected by the judges as a Certificate of Excellence winner
  • Savannahs Illustrated Calendar has been selected by the judges as a Certificate of Excellence winner
  • Ragdolls Illustrated Calendar has been selected by the judges as a Certificate of Excellence winner

Muse Medallion winners will be announced November 3rd.


The Cat Breeder’s Handbook, second edition

The Cat Breeders Handbook Second Edition

The Cat Breeder’s Handbook, second edition, provides another spectacular presence for the cat fancy!

Winner of the Muse Medallion, the Certificate of Excellence and of the Pro Plan Most Valuable Publication of the Year on the pedigreed cat, health and breeder issues, the positive feedback on The Cat Breeder’s Handbook, second edition, has continued to mount touching on its easy to understand style to the beautiful illustrations that fill its pages. The book even has a full color section adorned with all the different pedigreed cat breeds of the world, beautifully photographed by world renowned feline photographer, Helmi Flick.

Pet owners and breeders alike have benefited from the numerous and varied topics covered within the pages of this spectacular reference book and now the book has gone another step forward to help the general public better understand the fabulous world of felines, cat breeding and their care.

Cats 101, the television production, has requested permission to utilize The Cat Breeder’s Handbook, second edition, as one of their reference guides. We at Award Winning Publications are thrilled and honored to have The Cat Breeder’s Handbook, second edition, become one of their official handbooks and guide on the topic of the magnificent feline!

It is always our goal at Award Winning Publications to promote the cat fancy, breeders and the pedigreed cat in a positive and educational manner. Many thanks to all those who have supported this publication making it one of the best books available on the topic of cats. So watch Cats 101 and don’t forget to look for their references to The Cat Breeder’s Handbook!

Order your copy here: THE CAT BREEDERS HANDBOOK


Bengals Illustrated Sponsors Bengal Congress with Patrick’s

Tamworth Bengal Cat Congress Ribbons Tamworth, Australia  Bengal Breed Specialty Show – Judge Wendy Hamilton  The 25th of August, 2012, the Bengal cats in Tamworth were ready to compete.  Sixteen Bengal cats in all were representing the breed in Tamworth, Australia.  Bengals Illustrated and Patrick’s were proud to sponsor the competition (judged by New South Wales Cat Fanciers Association (NSWCFA) judge Wendy Hamilton)  and to provide ribbons (decorated in true Bengal cat spirit) for the top ten in the class. Interesting news is that a father and his lovely daughter, bred by Bengals Illustrated subscribers, Lyn and Max Keevers, took first and second place.  Benzot Annie Chance, a female brown spotted tabby Bengal took the reigning title as number one Bengal over her father, also a brown spotted tabby Bengal cat, Benzots The Gambler (named after the well-known Kenny Rogers song). Special congratulations to all the Tamworth Bengal congress winners and their wonderful owners!

Benzot "Kenny"

photo by Julie Burge

The following list was the Top Ten Line-up:

  1. Benzots Annie Chance a brown spotted female kitten owned and bred by Max and Lyn Keevers
  2. CCCA CH and DIA DB GD CH Benzots The Gambler aka Kenny a brown spotted male owned and bred by Max and Lyn Keevers
  3. CH Benzots Lady Isabella a brown spotted female owned by Mandy Foster and Bill Jones
  4. Destinybengals Phoenix a brown spotted male owned by Rachel Town
  5. CH Tarmac Kitncaboodle a sepia marble spay owned and bred by Courtney Collins
  6. Tarmac Infinitybeyond a brown spotted male kitten owned and bred by Courtney Collins
  7. Tarmac Blonde Ambition a brown spotted female kitten owned and bred by Courtney Collins
  8. Benzots April Marble Sky a brown marbled female kitten owned and bred by Max and Lyn Keevers
  9. CH Tijah Winter Moon a black silver spotted male cat bred by S Hatcher owned by Rachael Town
  10. Katuja Rollin Thunda a brown spotted neuter owned and bred by Connie Chapman
Benzots Annie Chance, a female brown spotted tabby Bengal, took her win as Best Bengal in Show in great stride, left, as she even posed  perfectly for the camera.   To the right/above, Benzots The Gambler (“Kenny”), Benzots Annie Chance’s sire, shows off his gorgeous rosettes and wonderfully muscled body. The Tamworth Show Canteen In addition to the Bengal cat congress, the Tamworth show boasted a fantastic spread filled with some of the most mouth-watering yummies you could imagine.  From the proceeds the club generously sent $100.00 toward the Award Winning Publication’s/Bengals Illustrated FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) fundraising efforts. Thank you Tamworth for your generosity, and again we congratulate you on a very successful show!


Update: FIP Benefit Auction

Here’s the latest news on the FIP Benefit auction held by Award Winning Publications (Bengals Illustrated/Savannahs Illustrated) — First, we would like to thank all those that supported the auction with auction items and all of you that supported the auction by bidding!  The auction was a great success. While we did not meet our goal of $5000.00, over 3500.00 is nothing to complain about! Final auction items were wrapped up and a check is in the mail to The International Feline Foundation, TIFF- who will set up a special grant to distribute funds raised through the Award Winning Publications fundraiser!

Award Winning Publications FIP Donation


Bengals Illustrated Calendar

2013 Bengal Cat Calendar

Send in your high resolution photos. Who knows, your Bengal cat/s might be chosen for the upcoming 2013 Bengals Illustrated calendar! No professional photos (unless the photographer submits them). Submission grants Bengals Illustrated (Award Winning Publications) permission to use for publication. You may submit as many photos as you like, too! Photos must belong to you and must be copyright free. Submission states this to be true. For more information and photo submissions email us at


Auction to Benefit Feline Infectious Peritonitis Research

Award Winning Publications, Bengals Illustrated and Savannahs Illustrated will be supporting FIP research efforts. Bengals Illustrated sponsored an auction this last quarter. It was our hope to double our previous efforts and bring in a total of $5000 to go toward research and finding a cure for this devistating disease. We are wrapping up the final auction amounts– Watch this page for a final donation figure! All proceeds will go to TIFF, The International Feline Foundation to be granted to FIP research. TIFF is an arm of TICA, The International Cat Association, dedicated to feline welfare and supporting feline research.

FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) in cats is fatal, without a cure or treatment it’s the worst diagnosis for any cat owner to hear. Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) is a disease that kills 1 in 100 to 1 in 300 of all cats under ages three to five. The incidence can be five to ten times greater among young cats coming from catteries and shelters. FIP is virtually 100% fatal, and there is no treatment or cure. FIP can manifest suddenly — weeks, months or even years after initial infection. Therefore, cat lovers usually experience the heartbreak of this disease long after they have developed strong emotional bonds with their pets. Dr. Pedersen is considered the world’s leading researcher on the Feline Infectious Peritonitis disease and has been doing research on FIP since 1964.  He is now sixty-seven years young and has delayed retirement in part due to his commitment to FIP research. More information on FIP in this issue by Dr. PedersonFIP was first described as an “important disorder of cats” by Dr. Jean Holzworth (1963) at the Angell Memorial Animal Hospital, Boston and a clinico-pathologic conference on this disorder from this same institution was published the following year (Feldman and Jortner, 1964). Dr. Holzworth was the first to identify FIP as a distinct disease entity. For more information on FIP complete with photographic documentation – read the exclusive article from Dr. Neils Pedersen, the foremost authority on FIP, in the Bengals Illustrated back issue, A Kitten is a Leopard in a Jungle of Small Bushes. We’d like to help find a cure for FIP. Email us for more information: